Action 1.2


This sub-Action supports projects where young people participate actively and directly in their activities, deciding what role will have at each stage of the project, to develop their capacity for initiative, entrepreneurship and creativity. What is a Youth Initiative? A Youth Initiative is a project started, defined and developed by young people themselves. Enables young people to turn their own ideas into initiatives that concern you, involving them in the planning and development of projects. Youth Initiatives is an important non-formal learning experience. Also gives young people an opportunity to strengthen their European citizenship and to feel that they are contributing to building the future of Europe.

A Youth Initiative has 3 phases:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Activity implementation
  • Evaluation (including consideration of possible follow-up activities)

Principles and practices of non-formal learning should be present throughout the project.

A Youth Initiative can be:

  • National: scheduled at local level, regional or national level and developed by a single group in its country of residence
  • Crime: a network of youth initiatives, developed jointly by two or more groups of different countries

What action should I apply myself?

Action 1.2 – Youth Initiatives

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