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(IN) “Save It” it is a youth exchange that was create during the participation of a group of young people in an Training Course “EyeOpener” in Gerês, Portugal. This youth exchange will take place in Madeira island between 14 and 21 July in 2013. This activity it’s about the environment and the aim it’s promove the respect for the nature and (at same time) promove the contact between young people from different contries/cultures but with the same concerns about the Environment. The partners in this project are: Portugal, Filand and Hungary. It will envolve 18 young people and 4 youth leaders. To promove the aim of this project we will develop outdoor activities, fisics activities in contact of the nature, workshops, activities with local community.

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(PT)”Save IT” is a youth exchange, that was created during the participation of a group of youth Grow No Risk, called for an international training “EyeOpener”, no Gerês. This exchange will take place in St. Vincent, Madeira, during days 14 and 21 July, of 2013. This activity is about the environment and the aim is to promote respect for Nature, and (at the same time) promote contact between people from different countries / cultures, which share the same concerns on environmental issues. The partners of this project are: Portugal, Finlândia e Hungria. Will involve 18 jovens e 4 leaders. In order to achieve the objectives of this project will be carried outdoors,workshops, activities with the local community, among other.

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