Mission, Vision and Values…


The Association of Social Solidarity Growing Without Risk has its headquarters at Faja da Areia, parish and municipality of São Vicente.

It has as main objectives the protection of children and youth through monitoring and educational guidance, and social protection of children and young people in danger, namely, situations of neglect / truancy, exposure to models of deviant behavior or addiction of any kind, working on prevention by conducting recreational / leisure activities, to promote citizenship, intercultural dialogue, promoting healthy lifestyles and exchanges at regional level, national and international, as well as, promotion of socio-professional integration of households, through vocational training and integration in the labor market.

As secondary objectives to promote education and training of families organizing basic training courses tailored to their qualifications, such as: Parental Education, Education allocated, Sex Education, Domestic Management; organization and promotion of cultural events, social and desportivos; and collecting donations and participation in fairs and special events for fundraising.

For achieving its objectives, the institution proposes to create, and maintain the following activities:

a) Maintenance and Monitoring Educational Development Centres;

b) Accompaniment, guidance and referral to other agencies and / or services according to the type of needs / problems encountered in the target population (families);

c) Vocational Training for Adults;

d) Conducting national and international partnerships within the Youth in Action Programme. Conducting exchanges; promotion and dissemination of European Voluntary Service; meeting with partners through the Program Training Courses.

and) Development of the studio and dancing with the group "Lets Dance CSR"

f) Psychomotor development of programs for children and youth with special needs and their families

g) Developing partnerships with the Natural Park of Madeira and the Volunteer House.


Grow without risk is a continuous path to full citizenship.

Young people, as main players of the future, are exposed, currently, vulnerabilities to MULTIPLAS. Accordingly, is essential to direct our intervention, not only for young people but also for the family, primary agent of socialization, and for the community, based on proximity, interaction between the various stakeholders in this process. Seek, for such, involve all stakeholders in the context of its activities develop targeted activities for this target population, no sense, of together and in partnership, a full articulation, outline our intervention with the aim of meeting the needs and expectations of society / community where we operate.

Our intervention is, also, to show that we are part of a Europe, and for that we should create / strengthen ties with other European Union member countries faced with similar problems to our, through this link and acquire new tools, by sharing knowledge, aimed at strengthening our action.


SOLIDARITY – Create better conditions for those who most need;

SUBSIDIARITY – Closest possible decision of the level of response to problems;

HONESTY – Services based on transparency and integrity;

FAIRNESS – Correction discriminative social asymmetries, racial and sex distribution of social responses;

CAPACITY OF COOPERATION – Involvement of all institutional actors in the identification and provision of appropriate solutions to social issues;

POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION – Target resources to groups with specific vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities;

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Aim to cover several services within all socio-economic problems faced in our country;

Social justice – Enhance the services and the mentality of everyone involved in the process for the balance of economic and social opportunities.

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