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Social Solidarity Association

The Growing Association No Risk is a private social solidarity institution headquartered in the County "Heart of the Laurel", We are working daily with children and young people with fewer opportunities, through monitoring and educational guidance, and social protection of children and youth at risk, aged between 10 e os 18 years.
Thus, support for community, particularly the most disadvantaged people, promoting their social inclusion, and support for children and youth are some of the general objectives of Grow Without Risk.

The Growing Without Risk seeks to help them (children and youth) in order to find the most appropriate solutions to their problems and difficulties, without taking them out of their natural context.

With its headquarters in the village of S. Vicente, the work is developed in partnership with public and private local authorities, promoting the involvement of those, somehow can contribute to change in the lives of this population.

The Growing Without Risk welcomes about 60 young people with fewer opportunities in the municipalities of Saint Vincent and the Ribeira Brava, seeking to facilitate and create tools for these young people live - not just survive - and thrive in a world, whose social demands require constant adaptability and growth as biopsychosocial beings.

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