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Youth Exchanges allow one or more groups of young people to be hosted by another group from another country, with the objective of participating in a common activity program. These projects involve the active participation of young people and are designed to allow these young people have knowledge and are aware of the existence of different social and cultural realities of their, to learn from each other and reinforce their feeling of being European citizens.

What is a Youth Exchange?
A Youth Exchange is a project which brings together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them the opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, allow the knowledge of their countries and cultures. A Youth Exchange is based on a transnational partnership between two or more promoters from different countries.

Depending on the number of countries involved, a Youth Exchange can be bilateral, trilateral egg multilateral.
Bilateral Youth Exchange is justified especially when the promoters promote the first time a European project, or when it comes to small youth groups or local groups without experience at European level. A Youth Exchange can be itinerant, implying mobility of all participants at the same time, through one or more countries participating in the exchange.

A Youth Exchange project has 3 phases:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Activity implementation
  • Evaluation (including reflection on a possible follow-up)

Principles and Practice of Non-formal education should be present at all stages of project development.

What is not a Youth Exchange?

The activities described below are not eligible for grants as Youth Exchanges:

  • Study trips
  • Exchange activities that aims to profit financially
  • Exchanges of activities that can be classified as tourist
  • Festivals
  • Holiday travel or end of course
  • Courses Línguas
  • School exchanges
  • Competitions
  • Statutory meetings of organizations
  • Work camps

Actions that apoioam exchanges Youth:

Action 1.1 – For promoters native of Countries Program
Action 3.1 – For promoters Programme Countries and Neighbouring Partner Countries

Look promotional video of the program

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