Youth Initiative “São Vicente to the World”

pinturacsr SV2W The project arises from the idea and desire of a group of youngsters accompanied by Grow No Risk Association, creating a creative workshop, account of its expertise and skills in the execution of parts / products on the icons and culture of St. Vincent using various materials, reflecting itself into unique pieces, quality, who demonstrate great creativity. These products will be, also, partly, inspired by his everyday, by tradition and culture of their community, assigning a value added to their work, to revalue the local art and culture. Another important aspect of creating pieces is that they transmit to the public, in general, non-conformity before the cultural intolerance and respect for diversity.

There was a need for young people to empower their skills on a personal level and professional. So, these young people have shown great interest in building a space where they could express their knowledge, through continuous exercise in creative activities, and at the same time, be able to transmit their knowledge to a younger audience, namely, young people in the county who are interested in the arts district and entrepreneurship.

In this regard, creating a creative workshop will promote the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, allowing them to be valued for the knowledge they possess in addition to learning the art and skill of craft production and, thereby, this condition is alleviated, since it will, concomitantly, be active citizens by promoting an activity in a playful character to the youth of the county, and to develop closeness with a new form of employment, aiming to stimulate creativity and initiative. This project will provide increased self-esteem, for recovery and personal and professional fulfillment, aspiring future economic achievement, by creating their own jobs.

The priority of this project is the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities to experience social exclusion, through something that they created, conceived and executed. Thus young people are directly and actively involved throughout the project, with the support of a team / staff experienced in developing social and artistic projects. Through the "SV2W", we create a common project and, through non-formal methods, promoting youth associations; promoting the acquisition of new skills and to assign quality leisure time; develop a sense of belonging to a group and project; development and promotion of self-esteem; encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship; promotion of active citizenship and awareness towards Europe.

To achieve the objectives of this project, youth work in conjunction with various entities (public and private) to promote your work. This is because, we intend to monetize the personal and material resources, a logic of non overlapping support, and also, to show the local community that despite the difficulties surrounding, these young people have generating capacities of quality products, that may contribute to the dissemination of the county and rural development, namely, fixation of young people through innovative and attractive activities, whose development is to follow-up the development of a business opportunity and creating jobs.

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