The Project "No Man is an Island" emerged following the Youth Exchange, "La Isla Bonita" held in Turkey . Where stereotypes were discussed, positive and negative aspects of the life of a young islander, particularly with regard to ultra-periphery, isolation, social exclusion, discrimination, thereby fostering the promotion of intercultural dialogue and active participation of young people in their communities in order to develop new partnerships and projects.
Concurrently recognizes to be essential to locate the position and quantify the "weight" of the islanders, Europe for a consolidation or at least recognition of European citizenship.
Thus the objectives of the exchange will be based primarily on knowledge about the realities of the different islets and consciousness, awareness and consolidation of European citizenship by young islanders.

With regard to the realities of the islands is intended to reflect on the biggest challenge of the young islanders, in other words, insularity and promote knowledge about cultural realities, social and economic Ilhas other participants. At the same time will be discussed stereotypes experienced by young, especially with few opportunities, in relation to their socio-geographical. With this we intend to build an international network of young islanders in which to expose problems, difficulties and share ideas and strategies for action for their resolution and development of future actions.

Regarding awareness, awareness and consolidation of European citizenship by young islanders aspire is to discuss the "gap" between European islands and mainland Europe, and then develop strategies to mitigate this problem. Furthermore, longs is to enhance knowledge of young people about methods of social and cultural education, using informal and dynamic methods such as workshops, tours, plays, cooperative games and simulation, with regard to this issue, this being a strategy to develop and consolidate the use of non-formal education in this Action of the Youth in Action Programme.

The young participants of the project "No man is an Island" comes solely from the European mainland islands (including Canary - Spain, Princess Island - Turkey, Sardinia - Italy, Madeira - Portugal) , by reason of being considered a population with fewer opportunities due to geographic obstacles.