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This project arose because of Madeira have recently been plagued by floods and mudslides want either by fire, devastating the natural environment and landscape of this archipelago, causing a great loss in terms of faunal and floristic endemism.

Seen on our island environment is a priority factor multilevel, being economical and the most important tourist, becomes urgent preservation, applying methodologies for sustainable environmental development, particularly in the area of ​​environmental education,from local to regional actions, being: development of environmental activities with the school community in our county, involving students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff; community centers and charitable associations, adding youthful and simultaneously the older population and expanding these same actions at regional level in conjunction with the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, that oversees the areas of Environment, Agriculture and Forestry and Fisheries, and the Natural Park of Madeira, geographically covers all the municipalities of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

A large percentage of tourists who visit us, do it because of our climate and environment are unique in the world, with mild temperatures where green is constant throughout the year, making every day feel the four seasons. The beauty of flowers, copies of the endemic species, Indigenous, exotic, among others, the sea that surrounds us with its clear waters and transparent, leaving the blue to be transparent, Floresta Laurissilva, Recently awarded as one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal and his family Lauraceae trees large and comprehensive canopies forming a green mantle layer between the atmosphere and the lithosphere, where your birds so characteristic presents us daily with the distinctive songs of who does the daily close of this natural beauty, makes us to be active participants in this field and leading us to submit draft action and intervention in this very central to tourism and overall economy of the Autonomous Region of Madeira area.

The aim of the project implementation to the European Voluntary Service level, not only as described above but also that there is a sharing of culture, traditions, habits and ways of intervention among youth hither and comprehensive for this project. There is expected to implement tolerance, respect and understanding among young people from other countries.

On the one hand, the great young Europeans looking for candidates to perform in EVS Association, and other, the lack of significant and signifying cultural experiences of young people with fewer opportunities, accompanied by the Association Grow No Risk and the fact that celebrated the European Year of Volunteering, occur as the foundation for the development of this EVS project in Growing Without Risk.

Thus, intend to carry out a project that allows youth mobility in Europe and frame, same, a process of active participation in relation to the cultural diversity of the volunteers and participants.
These youth will also participate in various activities based on methods of non-formal learning, namely, Desportes and through the activities to air livre, pretendem that enhance the natural heritage, cultural and artistic city of São Vicente, and even the region and facilitate the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

The Magic Forest is a project of international volunteering in the environmental area, which was developed under the Youth in Action Programme. With the cooperation of Funchal Ecological Park and Nature Reserve and collaboration Irina (Estonia) do Tomas (Czech Republic) Berat e do (Turkey) was intended to raise awareness among young people and the general public the importance of protecting and conserving our nature and combat climate change which in turn is expected to translate into social and cultural changes over the environment.

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